Does your growing town, city, or county have a code enforcement program in place? Are you looking to work with an experienced partner to provide the best service to your residents? Do you need supplemental assistance for your own enforcement staff due to the volume of permits being issued. First State works with numerous municipal customers, catering programs to meet the varying needs and requests.

Construction Plan Review

The starting point for any permitting program is a proper review of construction plan documents to ensure compliance with adopted building codes. First State understands the requirements of national building, plumbing, and mechanical codes and can cater our review process to match the specific needs and requirements of your jurisdiction. Reviews can be done using either physical or electronic plans, and either at your location or ours.


The hallmark of code enforcement is the on-site inspection process. Serving on behalf of your municipality, First State works hard to ensure all construction within your borders is done safely by enforcing your locally adopted codes and standards. FSIA can conduct building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical inspections throughout the duration of a project and report results and successful project completion so you may confidently issue a final Certificate of Occupancy.

Property Maintenance

Have you adopted a Property Maintenance code? Are there requirements for rental properties within City Limits? First State can assist with safety and code compliance by completing residential inspections to verify conditions meet requirements for continued use, livability, and proper maintenance of plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems.


Does your growing Town need assistance with zoning administration processes? First State can offer services related to the interpretation, administration, and enforcement of your local zoning ordinances. When provided details of applicable codes, First State can assist with review of permit applications and conduct follow-up inspections to ensure compliance.

To learn more about how First State can help meet the needs of your municipality and its residents, please contact us today!