About Us

First State Inspection Agency, Inc. was created with a vision of service in mind.

Founded in 1985 by Ted Morrison as a Delaware corporation, Mr. Morrison sought to improve upon the responsiveness he experienced during his career as an inspector with another electrical inspection agency. Based in Georgetown, FSIA offered ‘same-day’ electrical inspections throughout the state.

Joining the company in the mid-1990’s, Earle Dempsey and Rob Smith helped FSIA expand its service areas in both the types of inspections provided and the geographic area served by working with Sussex County, DE to create their building inspections department and also completing its first inspections in the State of Maryland. While the company’s offerings grew, the same responsive service continued.

As Mr. Morrison planned for his second retirement, Earle and Rob purchased the business in 2006. After immediately guiding the company through the Great Recession and housing market collapse, the pair continued to expand the business’s reach and offerings, as well as growing its staff and expertise.

FSIA has embarked on a new chapter in 2021 as Earle and Rob passed ownership to their respective sons, Earle, II (Punk) and Adam. Today, FSIA has 26 staff members comprised of both inspectors and office support staff who focus every day on maintaining Mr. Morrison’s original vision of reacting quickly to inspection requests and a fast turnaround of quality results.

We are happy to show you every day what makes our service uniquely the best!