Reconnect your Electric

Do you need power restored to your property? Is the utility company requiring a third-party electrical inspection before they will reconnect you?

There are many reasons that the power company may require an inspection on a property’s service equipment before agreeing to restore electricity to your property. If you find yourself in this situation, First State can help with a Reconnect Inspection.

One of our electrical inspectors will visit the property to verify that the service equipment is properly in place and power may safely be restored. Using the Control Number provided to you by the power company, we will inform the power company that the inspection is complete and they may restore utilities.

To complete the First State application process for your Reconnect Inspection, three items are required:
  1. Control Number provided by the utility company – a unique number assigned to the property’s service
  2. Completed Electrical Application
  3. Payment Authorization Form

Please note that payment for services is required in advance before an inspection is scheduled. First State accepts all major credit cards to facilitate your payment. Once an application is completed and payment made, inspections may be scheduled by phone or email. When scheduling, please ensure you have provided First State with the Control Number from the power company. Without a valid Control Number, First State cannot communicate a successful inspection to the utility company.

Should additional inspection trips be required due to failed inspections, re-inspections, consultations, or unsuccessful visit attempts, a minimum fee of $75.00 will be incurred for each additional trip. In some cases, code violations or hazards found will require intervention and repair by a licensed electrician. First State will communicate that need and the violations. The electrician will then have the responsibility of filing an application for reinspection with First State.