The 2020 NEC Takes Effect in Delaware on September 1, 2021

During the March 2021 meeting of the Delaware Fire Prevention Commission, the Commissioners voted to accept changes to multiple regulations, including an update to satisfying NFPA 70 in Delaware through the implementation of the 2020 version of the National Electrical Code. Delaware had previously utilized the 2014 code, skipped over the 2017 code, and went directly to the 2020 version.

The Commission went one step further during their April 2021 meeting by voting to make the implementation of the 2020 NEC effective on September 1, 2021. Any permits issued, projects started, or inspection applications received on or after this date will fall under enforcement of the 2020 NEC.

Please contact First State with any questions or to schedule training on the 2020 code in advance of the implementation date.